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Bar & Tavern 

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Bar & Tavern  Renovation Gallery

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The main bar room, looking back toward the back Pub. Circa cleanup starting January 2004.

View from the back pub into the main bar room, circa Jan 2004.

The old wainscotting and outline of bar footprint.

Wallpaper found behind the wall where the bar will be installed.

Another bit of wallpaper found on the walls underneath layers of other coverings and paint. Age and origin is unknown.

New support beam in the main bar, looking back toward back pub. The back wall on the left will be rebuilt with salvaged original beams & brick.

Work begins on prepping the fireplace in the main bar for a new wainscotting surround.

The 'new' section of the Tavern's back wall with exposed brick and old beams- looking original due to salvage materials used for construction.

The bar room sports a new floor and wainscotting, circa mid-summer 2004.

The bar room entrance from the side porch and new foyer into the bathrooms, circa mid-summer 2004. A mirror above the wainscotting is planned.

The Tavern section of the main bair, shown here in the far right of the photo will feature a roomy banquette.

The new bar is assembled on site.

The new bar assembled and in place- though new it adds an aged richness of detail & flair to the room.

A view of the bar from the front as you enter the Tavern from the front of the building.

View of the bar from the future banquette area in the back of the bar room.

The bar in the tAvern shortly after assembly onsite in July 2004.

Wainscot-surround built over the fireplace directly across from the bar. The mantle's detail mimics the drink rail that surrounds the room.

The Chicago style bar, circa July 2005

A view from the front looking into the back of Tavern.

The rear of the Tavern is outfitted with a banquette to accomodate casual dining.

Homage to history in the Tavern is highlighted by the etched mirror in across from the banquette. Circa July 2005.

A view from the Pub and and the banquette area looking toward the front of the Tvaern. July 2005.

DEC 04: The main bar room's tin is now painted black forest green with faux gold leaf etching to give an aged feel. Painstakingly done by ourselves!

Detail on the original tin faux finish.

Close-up detail of the painted tin walls with upraised attern which was dry-brushed with antique gold paint..

Dec 2004. Even the tinís crown molding and wrapped beam get an aged feel.

This is the far corner of the Tavern, just adjacent to the banquette area.


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