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Dining: The Patio Garden

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For the Garden Courtyard Renovation Gallery, click here.

2016 Patio... Updated with New Lighting! Everyone loves it!

A wisteria covered arbor graces the entrance to the courtyard from the parking lot.

The Garden Courtyard view as seen on entering from the wisteria-covered arbor.

The Garden Courtyard has its own fieldstone bar. The mirrored back reflects the verdant garden views for the bar patrons.

A separate pergola-covered seating area is used to accomodate moderate sized dining parties.

Numerous tables handling deuces up to 5-tops surround the garden area and encircle the flowering plum tree in the courtyard center.

Seating tables under persimmon umbrellas are placed so near lush perennial borders.

The farthest corner of the garden features a small pond stocked with Comets & Shibunkins...and occasionally frogs!

A closeup of the pond as seen in early summer 2007.

Planted to eventually climb the fence are grape vines and Sweet Autumn Clematis.


The Garden Courtyard  Renovation Gallery

Click each thumbnail for a larger view.

Back courtyard view circa 2002-2003.

Winter 2004- down comes the old barn structure. Beams were saved for use in the main bar room.

Back courtyard, circa late Spring 2004. Note the old and new chimney demarcation under the roofline.

November 2004, Painted and partly landscaped-parking lot side of the building with view through the arbor

Early Winter 2005: the courtyard has been redone with pavers. As you exit the Pub rear doors the arbor can be seen to your left, covered in wisteria.

Early Winter 2005: the courtyard, panoramic scan. Flowering cherry, purple plum and purple and white butterfly bushes flank the arbor on one side.

Early Winter 2005: A flowering plum graces the centrer of the courtyard, and a cutleaf beech nestles in the far corner behind.

Early Winter 2005: The back wall of the courtyard. Roses? Trellises? Many ideas are in mind!

Early Winter 2005: a small waterfeature sits to the far right of the courtyard, landscaping to begin in Spring 2006.

Early Winter 2005: a Kwanson cherry tree flanks the far right of the water feature.

A small water feature will provide a tranquil setting and will be lushly planted.

The fieldstone bar just after completion of the structure.

The fieldstone bar is covered by a thick countertop of bluestone.


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