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Decked out for the holidays, 2015

The exterior with new paint colors in 2015

The front sign at our entrance 2015

Landscaped with dark boxwoods and chartreuse spirea, hydrangea, variegated weigela and beauty berry, the front view welcomes all.

The side view landscape continues the boxwood and spirea border, and features a cutleaf beech and clump birches.

The landscaped front, facing west, circa late summer 2004.

Looking east, the variegated weigela, beautyberry, and hydrangea front the board on board fencing for beauty in spring/summer & drama in fall/winter.

November 2004, Painted and partly landscaped-parking lot side of the building with view through the arbor

The new front door and etched glass window

The wraparound porch's ceiling gets a rich look with mahogany stain and complements the mahogany railing and floor.

The wraparound porch's new mahogany railing and floor.


Exterior Renovation Gallery

Click each thumbnail for a larger view.

The Lebanon Hotel as it looked circa 1851-1900

An early 1900s postcard: Main Street, west-looking view of The Lebanon Hotel

Front view of the Cokebury Inn, circa Sept 2002

Back courtyard view circa 2002.

Winter 2004- down comes the old barn structure. Beams were saved for use in the main bar room.

Late winter 2004: the side porch with view of soon to be rebuilt bathrooms and side entrance.

Construction of the side entrance begins, circa Spring 2004.

Side deconstruction starts in order to make room for handicap access and first floor bathrooms .

Late winter 2004, preparation for side entrance construction.

Footings/foundation demarcates the new side entrance and handicap ramp access, late spring 2004.

Construction of the side entrance, circa Spring 2004.

The side entrance and bathroom area, late Spring 2004.

Reconstruction of the chimneys- too damaged to repoint, all were taken down several courses below the roofline and rebuilt.

New roofing - down to the rafters, April 2004.

Back courtyard, circa late Spring 2004. Note the old and new chimney demarcation under the roofline.

One of the rebuilt chimneys. In all there were 4 existing chimneys reconstructed.

The front view, circa mid summer 2004.

Rebuilding of the front porch, summer 2004.

Mid summer 2004 corner view from Cokesbury Rd, and Main St.

The west side of the building, repair and replacement of clapboards in summer.

The side entrance, with new clapboard and handicap access ramp, late summer 2004.

Handmade corner column pieces add a distinct finish to each corner of the building.

The front in mid-summer 2004 sporting refurbished chimneys & new roofing. The old 2-door entrance has been converted to a single central entrance.

Wainscotting for the front porch ceiling, which will be mahogany stained. Outdoor black lacquer ceiling fans to be added later.

The old supports are replaced with round columns for a classic look.

With columns in place, the porch has a great presence against the new mahogany decking.

Mahogany railings are added to complement the mahogany deck flooring and stained wainscot ceiling.

Front view, November 2004


69 Main Street
     Lebanon, NJ 08833
Phone (908) 437-1300 

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