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Lebanon Hotel History

In 1809, David Miller Kline came to the village of Lebanon (then called Jacksonville) and opened a General Store on what was then called the New Brunswick-to-Easton Turnpike.  He had recently completed his apprenticeship, near Oldwick, at the store owned by his uncle David Miller.

Around 1812, the State of New Jersey decided to improve and straighten the turnpike road.  In Lebanon this meant re-routing it from its existing course on what is now called Brunswick Avenue, over to what is now known as Main Street.  For David Miller Kline, this meant that doing business would be more difficult as his store was no longer on the frequently traveled turnpike.

So in 1819 he purchased a lot from Jacob and Ann Corsen which fronted the new turnpike.  Ann had inherited the lot from her father William Hoffman, whose 40 acre farm comprised the center of what today is Lebanon Borough.  The building directly to the west of the hotel is the general store that Kline built.

The first mention of the building itself comes from the Clinton Township meeting minutes of the mid-1840's which indicate that their officials occasionally met at "Kline's House".  The "Tavern Lot" as such was first sold in 1848 and to this day its dimensions are the same: "one and sixty-eight one-hundredths of an acre".

(Information Courtesy of J. G. Hauck, Lebanon Borough historian.  For more information on Lebanon Borough  and its' history visit


Transfer History of The Lebanon Hotel

  1819 Jacob and Ann Corsen to David M. Kline
  May 4, 1848 David M. Kline to John R. Kline
  Apr. 5, 1860 John R. Kline Est. to William G. Jones
  Mar. 31, 1866 William G. & Mary Jones to John W. Lowe
  Apr.l 25, 1878 John W. Lowe to Henry Yawger
  Jan. 18, 1881 Henry H. Yawger to Sarah N. Lowe
  Mar. 19, 1895 Sarah N. Lowe to Charles R. Miers
  Jun. 9, 1897 Charles R. Miers Est. to Ida M. Miers
  Mar. 1, 1905 Ida M. Miers & Lewis Hildebrant to Rachel Tomson
  Sept. 14, 1914 Rachel & Charles E. Tomson to George N. & Mary T. Boudreau
  Jul. 30, 1946 Mary T. Boudreau to Herman & Deza Lusardi
  Jul. 30, 1946 Herman & Deza Lusardi to Albert J. & Adeline Lusardi, John & Edna Molinari
  Jun. 8, 1949 John & Edna Molinari & Albert J. & Adeline Lusardi
  Dec. 17, 1951 Albert J. & Adeline Lusardi to Luther & Iram Leland
  Feb. 21, 1962 Luther & Iram Leland to Walter & Dorothy Weslosky
  May 24, 1978 Walter & Dorothy Weslosky to John & Dorothy Smigelsky
  Jul. 1982 John & Dorothy Smigelsky to Anthony R. & Michele Greco
  Apr. 1984 Anthony R. & Michele Greco to Anthony R. Greco
Sept. 1994 Anthony R. Greco to Joseph L. Fornaro
Jan. 2004 Joseph L. Fornaro to 69 Main Street LLC

69 Main Street
     Lebanon, NJ 08833
Phone (908) 437-1300 

Last modified: 30 Sep 2019
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